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Radiopharmaceuticals: Transforming Cancer Care

David K. Song, MD, PhD, CFA
By David K. Song, MD, PhD, CFA
Investment Partner
February 15, 2024

Radiopharmaceuticals, or radioligand therapies, stand at the forefront of cancer treatment innovation. These therapies employ radioactive compounds engineered to a targeting molecule that can seek out and destroy cancer cells with remarkable precision, using both alpha and beta particles. The journey begins with diagnostics, employing milder radioactive compounds for detection imaging, and progresses to more potent therapeutics. Challenges include safe manufacturing and securing essential radionuclides.

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Radiopharmaceuticals offer the advantage of precise cancer cell targeting, sparing healthy tissue. Breakthroughs like Lutathera and Pluvicto have significantly improved patient outcomes. Pluvicto, for example, extended radiographic progression-free survival to 8.7 months, a substantial improvement over conventional treatments.

A promising avenue is the combination of radiopharmaceuticals with immunotherapy, potentially leading to revolutionary advances in cancer care. Furthermore, there's a long-term vision where radiopharmaceuticals may replace traditional radiotherapy.

Prostate cancer has been a key market already measuring $1.6 billion in diagnostics and therapeutics. The next phase involves introducing radiopharmaceuticals earlier in treatment and expanding their application to multiple cancer types, potentially creating a blockbuster market.

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