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Javier G. Lastra, CFA

Javier G. Lastra, CFA

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The Next Luxury Conglomerate?

It took 30 years for Bernard Arnault to build LVMH, the conglomerate that at one point in 2023 was Europe’s most valuable company, making its founder...

Luxury ETF Giving US investors access to hard-to-access Luxury stocks

In the past decade, advances in technology have significantly improved individual investor’s ability to participate in the stock market. This was...

The risks of investing in luxury through an indexed passive vehicle

In our introduction to luxury blog, we touched on the potential limitations of investing in the luxury sector through an index approach. In this...

Investing in timeless elegance: the case for luxury stocks

The global luxury market is home to iconic brands and outstanding businesses. This blog explores why the luxury sector stands out by the nature of...

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