Tema ETFs portfolio company interviews:
Royal Gold, Inc. (RGLD)

Royalties and Royal Gold

Gold mining is one of the materials industries that has most enthusiastically embraced royalties as a form of financing, giving rise to some of the biggest firms in the space. These gold royalty companies give access to unique assets and offer real contractual income along with equity-like growth. For investors they potentially serve as a lower beta diversifier, keeping them relevant in long- term portfolio allocations.

Our Global Royalties ETF portfolio manager Chris Semenuk speaks with Alistair Baker of Royal Gold, a leading gold royalty company, to discuss the industry and the firm's business model.

Featured questions:

  • What is a royalty?
  • How has the Royal Gold stock price behaved against the S&P 500?
  • How have higher interest rates impacted demand for royalty financing?
  • What is Royal Gold’s dividend policy?
  • Could there be consolidation in the gold royalty industry?


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